Dr. Eric Berg Scientologist


Dr. Eric Berg Institute of Health & Wellness in Seminole, Florida, was founded in 1997, and its current CEO, Dr. Eric Berg, DC, The Knowledge Doc, is responsible for its operation. The Institute's research and education programs aim to help individuals learn more about proper nutrition, the needs of their bodies, and the solutions to health problems caused by poor diet.

With the help of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, Dr. Berg encourages his patients to care for their health and well-being to achieve their ideal weight loss goals.

After finishing chiropractic college in 1988, Dr. Berg began a career of scientific study in nutrition. His motivation originated from an insatiable curiosity about the causes of his health problems.

Today, Dr. Eric Berg is an educator for many different health topics. His forte is to deconstruct complex health issues, trace symptoms to their sources, and create nutritional treatment remedies. His signature ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, a long-term eating strategy, have become groundbreaking approaches to health.

Contributing His Knowledge

Dr. Berg's life-altering experience with nutrition research led him to shift his focus from practicing chiropractic medicine to sharing his findings with other doctors and even serving as an associate professor at Howard University.

The Healthy Keto Diet, an update of his 2006 book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning based on new research, is currently a #1 Amazon bestseller.

Psychologist Dr. Eric Berg began posting videos on YouTube in 2008. His channel now boasts over 6,000 videos, 18 million subscribers, and 100 million monthly views, where he discusses his ideas on healthy eating and other health-related issues. He has created a keto and intermittent fasting course to educate future Keto Coaches.

Dr. Berg wants patients to take care of their health.

A Brief History of Your Profession

Scientist Erik Berg, Ph.D. Before becoming the CEO of the Berg Institute of Health & Wellness in Seminole, Florida, in 1997, he practiced chiropractic in San Diego, Louisiana, and Virginia's Shreveport and Alexandria.

Academic Credentials

After completing his pre-med studies at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside between 1983 and 1985 and serving in the Army Reserves, where he was trained in X-ray technology, Dr. Eric Berg earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1988 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

More advanced and specialized education was offered by institutions like the National-Lincoln School of Postgraduate Education, the Southern California College of Chiropractic, the International Scoliosis Research Center, the Risk Management Department at the Louisiana Union of Chiropractic Physicians, and the LUCP's Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries Research Center.

Qualifications and Work History in the Field

Dr. Eric Berg is board-certified in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, as well as having certifications in microscopy, live-blood-cell analysis, and diagnostic interpretation of neuro-selective current perception threshold. He has also passed parts I, II, and III of the National Board of Chiropractic Examination.

Donation-related pursuits

Over his many years in the public spotlight as a recognized authority in nutrition science, Dr. Eric Berg has dedicated significant personal resources, including time, money, and extensive public awareness, to charitable organizations that share his passion for wellness and healing. Their diet and fitness advice have helped people worldwide, and the Bergs have been happy to share it with the world.


After 30 years as a chiropractor in Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Eric Berg counted more than 40,000 satisfied patients. The Library of Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the National Institute of Science, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were all recipients of seminars he presented internally and outside.

Between 2017 and 2019, Dr. Berg hosted an annual Keto Health Symposium, the most recently held in Washington, DC (when the epidemic paused such major public events). The annual attendance rapidly grew to over a thousand doctors, dietitians, healthcare providers, and keto dieters, boasting remarkable weight loss and improved health. The events featured several nationally recognized speakers who are authorities on ketogenic diets and metabolic health.

Dr. Berg has had several media outlets covering his research, such as CBS Nightly on Channel 9 and Channel 8 News.

Dr. Berg has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals in his strategies, techniques, and empirical results. He is a leader in promoting the health benefits of ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting.

Leisure activities and special interests

Dr. Eric Berg's passion for health extends far beyond his work at the Berg Institute and into every facet of his life. It has "become a hobby" for him to investigate the underlying factors contributing to people becoming ill. Because of his struggles as "the meat and potatoes kid" with the adverse effects of excessive labor and eating, he is very committed to the cause.

By the time he was 32, his nutrition knowledge had given him renewed vitality and the stamina to keep up with his wife Karen's busy schedule and their three active children.

One of Eric's most precious yet increasingly scarce resources is his spare time. He finds solace and recreation in playing his homemade guitar and collaborating with Karen to develop novel, aesthetically pleasing culinary goods incorporating healthful ingredients.

Dr. Eric Berg has relocated to a picturesque farm, where he is researching the soil and cultivating nutrient-dense food and nutrient-dense animals. Karen also believes that all of the kitchen's ingredients originated below ground.